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Costing advisory

Costing advisory: The way in which a business chooses to attribute different costs to different products goes to the very heart of management decision making. A robust costing methodology that is well understood across the organization underpins strong accountability and clear decision-making while a lazy costing system will distort incentives and convolute judgment across production, marketing and upper management.

An ECFO costing advisory evaluates different costing methods available to the company and recommends a single system or combination of systems that is congruous with the goals of the business and with management accounting best practice, while addressing other related questions such as pricing, commissions, bonus systems and other incentive structures. The deliverable is a policy paper that gives theoretical guidance to management as it implements the costing system.

Design of cost tracking system and accounting system / ERP interface: A new conceptual approach to costing will normally require process changes at the back office level. To assist in-house teams in making the transition and to ensure that new processes are appropriate for the firm’s costing policy, ECFO offers implementation support ranging from “light touch” implementation review programs to full process design supplemented by employee manuals.